What is the estimated/expected completion date of Petronia city?

The entire project is expected to be completed within a 10-year period. It’s however broken into 3 phases

What does the western region of Ghana stand to benefit from a development like?

Petronia city aims at elevating the western region of Ghana into a world-class business and tourist center. This will increase infrastructural development and create employment in the region.

How do you intend to finance a development of such value?

Through investors, partners and off takers

Why the location?

The location was prime because the region is a “Natural Market” which boasts of natural minerals such as gold, bauxite, manganese, oil and gas. It’s close to a major sea port and accessible via major roads, rail and air.

Is it a Government project?

No, Petronia City is a private sector project, however it has endorsements from key Government Institutions

Is Petronia city an oil company?

No, Petronia is not an oil company. It is an Urban, Landscape and large scale Real Estate Developer with a focus on revolutionizing Africa’s development

What kind of investors are you looking for?

Free Zone Investors, Power Plant Investors, Financial Institutions, Construction Investors (Real estate, Road), Golf Course development Investors, – Civic Development Investors (theme park, hospitals), Motor race circuit developers and Manufacturing Companies

Has Petronia city already began?

Yes, it has