Petronia City in progress

Take a look at Petronia City in progress and some images to show what’s going on.

The story so far.

The Petronia City project will unroll in 3 phases over the next 10 years. It kicked off in October 2013 with full acquisition of construction machinery and equipment. It was then followed by clearing of about 200 acres of the site as well as the access roads and service areas. We are currently in Phase 1 of the project as we are engaging Investors.

Big Machinery

At Petronia our team is dedicated to the success of the project. We successfully procured heavy machinery to enable us progress and complete the project successfully. Also, we believe, acquiring the best kind of machinery for a project as huge as Petronia City guarantees success.



Breaking Ground



Petronia City is at the clearing stages. We have managed to clear about 70 acres for the phase 1 of the project.

The Fleet

Amongst our assets are our branded cars. These cars convey our staff from one point to the other in performing their day-to-day duties. We believe effective mobility of our work force is key in getting work done.



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