Goncalo Lopes

It is a fantastic challenge and I’m very proud to make part of the team.


When Goncalo finalised his 5 year degree on civil engineering in 1998, he was invited by a professor to start working on his company. Some years later, with a former colleague and friend, who shared Goncalo’s ideal of work, they decided to create the firm Sprenplan.

Their goal, from the first day, and that is one of the most important remarks on the company culture, is to work believing that big challenges are welcome, and very provident to keep our enthusiastic and energetic approach, sharing this feeling with the clients with a direct contact.

As a civil engineer and Project Manager on Sprenplan, Goncalo worked on several projects, either in Europe or in Africa.

The list of projects were he’s worked with are large, but by the experience obtained, and by the way he was so deeply involved, there are two projects that stand out, namely: Maputo Water Supply project (Umbeluzy Stage I and II); “Fabrica Jacinto” city block and Thermal Park in Melgaco.

In the past years Goncalo also lectured on the course of Civil Engineering in the “Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo (IPVC)” where he’s been teaching future engineers in several classes, sharing his experience with team, and trying to teach the most common challenges in Engineering Designing.

Goncalo is recognised on the national engineers association as a senior member, and obtained the title of “Expert” in construction and civil engineer, facing public audiences in IPVC.

Recently, some of the works Goncalo has completed were published in national and international conferences. One of the published documents was a very enriching experience, was done for UNICEF and the Ministry of Education – Government of Angola, and it was called “National Standards for Infrastructure Quality in Elementary Education” where, among other issues, Sprenplan tried to develop the construction standards for the schools to be built in this African country.

When I’ve met the promoters of Petronia City, It was impossible to ignore the passion and commitment they had for this project. When I started, layer by layer to get into the project I’ve realised why. It is a fantastic challenge. I’m very proud to make part of the team that is turning a dream into a Petronia City


Our team is made up of experts in their field – experts that are passionate about what they do and passionate about being a part of this amazing project.