Masterplan Concept

Petronia will be erected in three phases. Phase one is a free zone enclave that will have one hundred megawatts of power plants. Maintaining the caliber of Dubai’s industrial parks, Petronia offers competitive prices for global industrialists with tax incentives and free zone benefits.

Petronia will house petrochemical clusters, steel plants, glass plants, food processing plants, and recycling plants. We will have the capacity to handle all of the international goods imported into Africa for the last ten decades, subsidizing the continental issue of importation with the production and manufacturing of products that will be distributed continentally.

We have zoned off space for warehouses and inland ports which will cause Petronia to not only boost the economy and GDP of Ghana and its neighboring countries, but also solidify it as the pioneering platform which will cement the marriage of cross border movements of countries like Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and more.

Because of Silicon Valley, California is home to the sixth largest economy in the world. When technology is applied, speed comes in. It is for this reason that Phase Two of Petronia City is a technological hub. Imploring state of the art hardware from China and cutting edge software from India, Petronia will be equipped with fibre optic cables running underground which will support assembling plants for the likes of tech giants such as Apple, Dell, Google, Tesla, and more. As Africa’s first Silicon Valley, we will be able to produce the speed needed to develop the New Africa.

Phase Three is the foundation of Petronia, a financial hub and energy city. Similar to London’s Canary Wharf, Petronia’s financial hub will house the likes of Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and other companies specializing in banking for investment and development, asset management, insurance, and trading.

The energy city will sustain all of the other platforms: industrial, technological, and financial. The pipeline will supply power throughout the different phases of development which will superficially control the national economy. We are implementing pipelines and power stations that supply energy continentally. Africa has been anticipating a city that controls energy for the continent, and Petronia City is the first privately owned power supply hub which will attract the likes of Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo and more to situate their headquarters within West Africa.

The future of industrialization lies in Ghana’s Western Region. The time to maximize Africa’s natural wealth is now. We are building more than just an industrial park. We are building the future. We are building economic prosperity. We are building the New Africa.